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Founder/ Executive Director Beliefs

What makes a home for you? Many say it’s the place you live, others say it’s with the people around us and oftentimes we say it’s where we make it. We at SEED HOUSE PROJECT believe our home starts with our why, our purpose and our reason for existence.  We believe homelessness doesn’t always start with the circumstances life presents, but rather homelessness starts in the mind. The minute we become homeless is the minute we lose our “why.”

The US Census Bureau reports from 2010 to 2018, Los Angeles County has witnessed a 42% rise in homelessness, with counts escalating from 38,700 to a startling 55,000 in 2017. Every night, over 3000 young people sleep on the streets, 31% of whom are TAY aging out of foster care and 62% of whom are TAY aging out of the juvenile justice system. Statics show 70% of individual exiting the overall  jail system were once a foster youth.

What is this telling us? Many youth growing up in the foster care system once had a physical home and many youth exiting the juvenile system also had a place to rest their head. What was missing? Many transitional aged youth are searching  for acceptance and purpose and ultimately their “why”. With the lost connections of acceptance and purpose, this then leads our youth to experience  emotional trauma,  which can often cause debilitating depression and apathy.  Due to living in a time where instant gratification is sought after for relief, our youth become more vulnerable to drug addiction, gang affiliation and suicide. Our youth are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the feeling of rejection from society thus being susceptible to giving up.

“For me, my home is where I found my “why” I believe when you find your ‘why” homelessness or any other obstacle will not get in your way! With our youth, they find a purpose that will outlive them and each one have every reason to get up every morning!”



Seed House Project (SHP) is a 501(c)(3) organization servicing transitional age youth (TAY) who are experiencing homelessness. The TAY community are young people aged 16 to 24 who are aging out of the foster care system or state custody, and experience added challenges developing into adulthood. One of the vulnerabilities the TAY community experiences is homelessness; 20 to 30% of aged-out foster youth experience homelessness. Although statistics surrounding homelessness experienced by youth aged out of the juvenile justice system are more difficult to nail down in the research, studies estimate percentages exceeding 25%.

Since 2014, SHP assists TAY communities experiencing homelessness by providing foundational support for three pillars of successful transition into adulthood: providing a home, supporting job skills training and placement, and creating personalized mentorships. We believe that in addition to providing stable housing and job placement services, it is necessary for these youth to experience one-on-one, personalized, consistent mentorship from a mentor with whom the youth can develop a lasting bond. SHP is committed to inspiring TAY to become healthy, productive adults by providing not only stable and safe housing, education, and employment programs; but also, life skills training, financial literacy, and real-world advice from a one-on-one tailored mentorship experience.