Housing Provider


The Purpose of the Seed House Project (SHP) is to assist the TAY( transitional aged youth)  community  by providing housing.

In the TAY community most  do not receive adequate preparation and support for their transition to independent living. Compared to other youth, homeless and aged out foster youth are more likely to be homeless, incarcerated, unemployed, and unskilled. They are also more likely to experience physical, developmental, behavioral, and mental health challenges.

In response to these challenges, the Seed House Project has commitment to meeting the needs of young adults from ages 18 –25 by helping transitional aged youth to become healthy, productive adults by: • providing stable and safe housing • promoting stable, permanent connections to caring adults; • assisting youth with the management of their physical and mental health needs; • supporting economic success through education and employment programs; • providing life skills training, financial development and one on one mentoring  to help youth navigate the adult world.

The ultimate goal of this program is to enable clients to obtain and maintain permanent housing and become self-sufficient.  In order to meet this goal, SHP participates in 24 hour Case Management Services. Intake, this includes the determination and documentation of homelessness and entry point assessment.  Comprehensive Assessment is to determine the client’s medical, mental, psychosocial and emotional health; substance abuse, domestic violence, education and employment history; housing readiness and legal and financial strengths and needs.

SHP use of Community Resource Directory with engagement of Community support assist with appropriate referrals.  SHP also provides bus tokens at no cost to residents for Case Management, Job Search/Job Related, and Medical /Non-Medical Emergency referrals.  SHP works with its community partners to transform the community, ensure a continuum of care and facilitate the transition of our residents with supportive services.

This approach helps to expand opportunities for residents, ensure their success and encourage their reentry into the community as productive members of society.  Finding affordable, safe and stable housing is critical to transitional aged youth  , the SHP meets the housing gap for young adults.

SHP is recognized as a leading voice in the field of community advocacy and empowerment; we are well respected for our ability to create service partnerships throughout the community.  We provide our residents with a drug and alcohol free environment that encourages continuing education, self-esteem and spiritual growth.