Job Skills Training and Placement Services

Seed House Project is committed to the personal and professional development of each individual we serve.

Seed House Project partners with employers and employment agencies in and around the greater Los Angeles area to support our youth in obtaining gainful, sustainable employment. Our goal is to foster 100% job retention rates among our youth while encouraging simultaneous personal, professional, and spiritual growth. With guidance from our staff and our one-on-one mentorships, we give our youth all of the tools, access, and information they need to meet the goals they set for themselves as they grow and mature into adulthood.

The difference in Seed House Project’s employment programs lies in our commitment to guiding each of our youth to pursue their individualized career goals and fields of interest. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that places an individual into a job environment with less personalization, our goal is to place our youth into careers in which they are able to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Our staff and mentors work with youth to create high but attainable incremental goals to create a culture of success in each of their lives.

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Seed House Project offers two unique programs to support the personal and professional growth of our youth: our IMAGINE! Workshop Series and the Save A Penny Employment Program.

IMAGINE! Workshop Series

Seed House Project hosts a monthly workshop series open to the public that connects our youth and communities with a successful visionary from a particular career field. We seek innovative, ground-breaking individuals who think outside the box to share their wisdom and experience with the Seed House community in a casual setting: one that encourages questions, participation, honesty, and candor. Youth associated with Seed House Project get a special one-on-one session with the speaker in which they can ask questions and interact with each visionary in a small group setting.

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Save A Penny Employment Program

Seed House Project operates a sister organization, the Save A Penny Employment Program, which provides a distinctive opportunity for youth affiliated with us to uniquely tell their stories while participating in our in-house employment program.

The idea behind this social enterprise is to employ each youth for a work day; a day in which each youth crafts an original piece of jewelry that consists of a penny associated with their personal story. Each penny uniquely represents each individual, and though it may be hard to make big impacts with a single penny, millions of pennies can move mountains. With every purchase, our supporters create opportunity and purpose for these young adults to make their own lasting impacts.

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