A Housing & Hope Accelerator

where youth can dream without limitations.

Our Why

We work with youth experiencing homelessness which we identify as a Persistent Traumatic Stress Environment (PTSE). Coined by Dr. Shawn Ginwright, this term acknowledges that the source of trauma lies in the environment itself, rather than in the individual.

To unleash the boundless potential of youth, we must create environments that provide them with the necessary opportunities and support. 

We are here to revolutionize the way we support youth experiencing homelessness by servicing the entire individual through holistic-based programming.

Seed House Project A Home With A  Purpose

Our Services

Seed House Project creates a welcoming, family-oriented living environment and equips our members with the tools they need to achieve their short and long-term life goals!

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Seed House Project Housing


We provide a home in which each young person experiencing homelessness can create a foundation in a supportive environment focused on their individual success.

Seed House Project Employment


We cultivate a community of learning where our members are able to receive support in their academics through tutoring while also participating in financial literacy workshops.

Seed House Project Employment


We create opportunities for youth to gain perspective on possibilities when it comes to career by participating in job training workshops and our job placement services.


Seed House Project Mentoring

Youth Development

We embrace a unique methodology in our Purpose Therapy (social and emotional learning) and Incentive programming that motivates youth to detach their experiences from their identities through asset-driven storytelling, mental health therapy, life-coaching and mentors to provide support along their journey.