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For every home loaner that donates 50$ per month or more, you will be a part of loaning a home to homeless and foster youth during their transition into adulthood.

Every 50 people that donate $50 per month we can open another home.

We have a social Enterprise,
This also covers our Business Training program.

To change someone’s perspective, you must change the experience. With every youth, we provide a “Level Up” experience, taking them to an actors workshop with a professional or experiences that will help them believe.

Every quarter, our youth pitch their business. From mission statement vision and marketing. The best one receives 1k; this money can only go towards growing the business.

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For every 70,000 donated, we can open a home for up to 16 young adults.

Due to our success rate, our youth transition to adulthood with six months to a year into permanent housing. This can potentially serve up to 20-30 young adults per year.

With this partnership, your agency can potentially provide a home every year. Donating 3 to 5% of internal profits of every home closed in sales would help us meet this goal.

Adding this “Buy A Home Give A Home Model’ will offer a giving back incentive, making your clients feel good not only because of the home they choose but also the agency they choose. This element creates a trust factor in your sales approach.

Every client that purchased a home for that year will be listed on our “Buy A Home Give A Home” wall. They will also receive a thank you gift from our founder.

Buy a Home Give a Home
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Cause: Every day approximately 100 adolescents are shifting from a child to an adult without the guidance and support of parents or family. Without the presence of a familial infrastructure, they are deprived of the necessary resources, lessons, and tools that are needed to survive and thrive. This lack of guidance and opportunity means that many of these young Americans will soon find themselves homeless.

Who We Are: Seed House Project serves youth between the ages of 18-26 aging out of foster care to provide them with stable housing, while encompassing leadership practices to long-term success. These practices include credit building, financial investing, entrepreneurship coaching and a mentor to guide and strengthen personal identity.

IMPACT: Since getting started in 2017, over 85% of our youth who have gone through our program are now employed and more than one-third have increased their credit, opened an investment account, started a business, and obtained permanent housing.

Create HOPE: We define homelessness as the absence of hopeSeed House Project believes that it is the human right of every American youth to receive equal access to opportunities that lead to long-term success. They desperately need this support to fuel their hopes of living a healthy, prosperous life. You can join this work today by becoming an ENTRE-SPONSOR.

DOUBLE UP – INVESTMENT PROGRAM: Master the skills for building wealth in stocks with a small budget. Teaching our young how to save is a valuable first step toward learning how to manage money. But it shouldn’t stop there. While savings accounts are a safe bet and an easy concept to grasp, the real earning power comes from investing their hard-earned cash. Our young people possess a very powerful gift: time. The earlier our young people start investing his or her money, the greater the rewards are later.

SHP Academy – Business Coaching: SHP Academy is an Entrepreneurial program. Teach our youth that no matter what field you go in, YOU ARE A BUSINESS. The SHP Academy challenges our youth to plan out the goal and follow through with the steps.

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