Early Investing Program

Master the skills for building wealth in stocks with a small budget

Teaching our young people how to save is a valuable first step toward learning how to manage money. But it shouldn’t stop there. While savings accounts are a safe bet and an easy concept to grasp, the real earning power comes from investing their hard-earned cash.

Our young people possess a powerful gift:

The earlier our young people invest his or her money, the greater the rewards are later. That’s due to the magic of compounding, wherein the gains continue to grow because each year money is made from the previous year’s profits.

We teach every young person that steps in our program the principles of stocks and bonds. How to set up your account and where to save it. Our youth will NOT have social security when they hit retirement.

If we want to change poverty, we have to set our youth in the right direction now.


Young people aging out of foster care systems often do not have the life skills necessary to help ease the way from foster care to adulthood. Therefore they experience higher degrees of incarceration, poverty, homelessness, and suicide.


SEED HOUSE PROJECT is a purpose filled housing facility. We have created comfortable living as well as a family-oriented environment. The ultimate goal of this program is to enable clients to obtain and maintain permanent housing and become self-sufficient.

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Seed House Project - Primary Objectives



Primary Objectives

Provide a family oriented home, filled with support and purpose to at risk young adults.

Primary Objectives

Provide purpose filled employment opportunities to embrace and change the course course of the youth.

Primary Objectives

Provide and lifelong connection with one-on-one mentorship through guidance and support to the youth.