We foster a thriving learning community that provides our members with comprehensive support.

We offer academic support to help them excel in their studies

…while also hosting financial literacy workshops…

…to enhance their financial knowledge and skills.

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Academic Support


We cultivate a vibrant learning community that extends holistic support to our members. Recognizing the challenges youth from underserved backgrounds face due to Persistent Traumatic Stress Environments, we are committed to fostering their potential according to their unique needs. We offer:

  • Academic Readiness Assessment
  • Tutoring
  • School Enrollment Support
  • Financial Aid Resources
  • Academic Roadmap
  • Support Plan
  • Course Management

We understand that educational success is a crucial component of breaking the cycle of adversity. This approach aligns with our mission to mitigate the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences and persistent stress on their learning outcomes.


We equip our members with the skills they need not only to thrive academically but also to build a foundation for a brighter future!


Financial Literacy


Financial trauma can arise from significant financial stressors, leading to emotional, cognitive, relational, and physical symptoms. Our program acknowledges the impact of stressors like poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, and unemployment on mental, physical, and financial well-being. We support our youth so they may overcome financial challenges and build a stronger, more secure financial future!

Our unique approach centers on unlearning and education, providing comprehensive financial literacy support. Among the services provided to members are:

Understanding Money

We encourage members to define money for themselves and cultivate a healthy relationship with it.

Personal Banking

Through our program, members learn about essential banking aspects, including Checking Accounts, Credit Building, and Savings. Additionally, we assist each member in setting up a personal bank account, setting them on a path towards financial independence.

Setting Financial Goals

We help members define and achieve their financial aspirations through effective goal-setting and planning.


Our program equips members with the necessary tools and knowledge to create effective budgets tailored to their unique financial situations.

Financial Forecasting

We guide members in understanding financial forecasting, enabling them to prepare for their future financial needs.

Early Investing

Members are introduced to the concept of early investing, promoting long-term financial security.


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