Whether you’re interested in joining our program, becoming a mentor, or contributing in your own way, there are various ways for you to become a part of our team!

We Are Hiring!


Our approach combines tangible housing, our unique hope accelerator program, and comprehensive psychological support to provide young people with the assistance they need. This helps them not only secure future housing and employment opportunities but also discover their own unique life purpose, a guiding force that will accompany them throughout their lives.

We believe that challenges you’ve faced can turn into a meaningful purpose. We are a team, but operate more like a little family (as our first location is our founder’s former family home). Similarly, we treat our youth members like additional “family members.”

If you share our vision and mission, join us by applying to our open positions below!

Become A Mentor!

Our program champions mentorship as a vital resource in navigating and sustaining transformational change. Lived experiences are translated into guidance, helping youth envision brighter paths, build life skills, and foster a sense of belonging within an experienced and caring community.


We equip our mentors with all the necessary resources, from financial support to invest in our youth, to the guidance of social work professionals who can assist each individual in overcoming any challenges or emotional hurt they may have experienced along the way.

Interested in collaborating with us and exploring opportunities beyond those listed above? 

Feel free to send us your cover letter (required) and resume to info@seedhouseproject.org. Make sure your subject line reads “Resume, Your Name, Current Title/Area of Interest.” In the email, share a brief overview of how you’d like to contribute and get involved. 

We’re excited to hear from you!