Youth can explore a wide range of career options through our comprehensive job training workshops and job placement services. We collaborate with schools, businesses, and institutions.

At our core, we’re committed to broadening our youth’s horizons, connecting them with professionals from various fields through interactive sessions, in-person or virtual. This ignites their imagination, offering clarity on potential career paths as they journey toward success.

Additional resources and services we offer along the way:

    • 300 Hours of Paid Career Development (professional shadowing, internships, and training)
    • Assess Employment Readiness
    • Complete Job Training
    • Build a Resume
    • Practice Mock Interviews
    • Develop an Employment Maintenance Plan

These initiatives are designed to instill greater confidence and provide our youth with a more comprehensive understanding of the wide spectrum of opportunities available to them. 

We are committed to providing our youth with eye-opening, real-world insights into career opportunities that go far beyond traditional job titles.

Empower our Youth

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By broadening their perspectives and igniting their curiosity, we foster a sense of purpose and ambition that propels them towards a successful and fulfilling future.