Youth Development

Our Purpose Therapy (social and emotional learning) and Incentive Programs embrace a unique methodology, guiding youth to differentiate their experiences from their identities. Members are paired  with mentors who possess expertise in working with our target population.

What is Purpose Therapy?

Purpose Therapy is an accelerator program that teaches individuals seeking guidance how to transform pain into purpose through proven psychological and neurological interventions. 

At SHP, our yearly program is tailored to our members, guiding them towards a transformative purpose and stability. Youth receive hands-on coaching, therapy, and additional resources aimed at fostering identity development, perspective shifts, and successful integration into society. 

After successfully completing the program, each member is awarded a certificate of completion and has the opportunity to access Purpose Therapy Postgraduate Support, ensuring continued assistance on their journey towards a purposeful life.

We firmly believe that true transformation occurs when one accepts adversity.



This transformation is guided by our PPP model,  pathway to discovering Purpose:


Our purpose-driven programs provide therapy, mentorship, and resources for transformative stability.

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Shape a brighter future.

Incentive Programs

Seed House Project - Budgeting - Young Adults Standing over Computers


SHP Stack Program

The SHP Stack Program is a savings plan with a simple process. 

Each member will have their own savings account through SHP and needs to save $60-$75 per month. During their enrollment, the member cannot miss more than two months of saving. If they stay consistent, by the end of the program, we will match up to $1,500 in their savings account. This money can be used however the member chooses as they exit the program.

SHP “Do Your Part” Program

The SHP ” Do Your Part” Program is an accountability plan. 

As part of our program, each member has the opportunity to receive a Visa gift card that can be used for their daily needs. To be eligible for this incentive, the member needs to meet us halfway by attending and completing specific tasks every month. This ensures active participation and commitment to their growth and success in the program. 

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