Incentive Program

SHP Stack Program

The SHP Stack Program is a saving plan. Each member will have a savings account through SHP. The member will need to save 60- $75 per month. During the time enrolled in our program, the member cannot miss more than two months. If the member is consistent by the end of their enrollment in the program we will match up to $1,500 of their saving account. This can be used for whatever the member chooses to as he/she exits the program.

SHP “Do Your Part” Program
The SHP ” Do Your Part” Program is an accountability plan. Each member can receive an extra $75 in their SHP Stack account. This incentive will apply if the member meets us halfway. This involves attending and completing these items every month.

Green Check

100% completion of chores for the month.

Green Check

Attendance of 2-3 workshops for the month.

Green Check

100% attendance with Life Skills Coach Meetings.

Green Check

100% attendance with Financial Coach Meetings.

Green Check

100% attendance with Program Manager Meeting.


Young people aging out of foster care systems often do not have the life skills necessary to help ease the way from foster care to adulthood. Therefore they experience higher degrees of incarceration, poverty, homelessness, and suicide.


SEED HOUSE PROJECT is a purpose filled housing facility. We have created comfortable living as well as a family-oriented environment. The ultimate goal of this program is to enable clients to obtain and maintain permanent housing and become self-sufficient.

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Seed House Project - Primary Objectives



Primary Objectives

Provide a family oriented home, filled with support and purpose to at risk young adults.

Primary Objectives

Provide purpose filled employment opportunities to embrace and change the course course of the youth.

Primary Objectives

Provide and lifelong connection with one-on-one mentorship through guidance and support to the youth.