Our Mission

We provide youth a foundation of supportive housing and foster holistic healing to ignite the full potential of everyone’s unique experience.

Our Values


We embrace the full autonomy of individuals through self-awareness, personal growth, and community support.


We recognize everyone’s unique and important journey, and we create space to learn and embrace these experiences.


We believe in building trust as the stepping stone to strong partnerships. We strive to establish a safe and supportive environment where sharing feels comfortable. We are committed to being honest, transparent, and consistent in our interactions, and steadfast in upholding our promises and commitments.


We see healing as critical to restoring a sense of identity, belonging, and community among individuals who have experienced trauma. We strive to provide the support and resources needed to build resilience, restore well-being, and promote hope for the future.


We strongly believe in hope as the catalyst to a personal life mission. Homelessness does not start with the absence of a home but rather the absence of hope. We see hope as the seed to long-lasting personal growth.


A beacon of hope.

A catalyst of change.

A place to imagine again.